When I paint I am illustrating the way in which I am connected to my environment. I am drawn to the patterns, colors and figures that I see in daily life, which I then use to populate a world of my own. I feel the energy from each individual piece and imagine the story it tells. I want my surfaces to radiate light and tease emotion. I become lost in the layers of paint and begin to formulate a story. Texture, color and motion are all important elements of my work that complete the experience. 

About the Artist

Mattye Hamilton is a painter and print-maker living in Baltimore, MD. She received her BFA in painting from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 1994. She uses luscious, unexpected combinations of color, pattern, and line, infusing her work with equal measures of nature and style.

Hamilton’s work has been exhibited throughout Baltimore, including at Jordan Faye Contemporary, Fleckenstein Gallery, Creative Alliance, & The Alchemy of Art.  Her works have also been published in several magazines including Shape, MS, and Baltimore Magazine.


For commissions and other inquiries, email Mattye at